Following the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) depreciation of the safety of Mexican aviation systems, it was expected that tourism between these nations would be affected; however, the opposite has happened. According to Official Airline Guide (OAG) data, there is a supply of 3 million 574 thousand airline seats on flights from the U.S. to...

Mexico has failed the examination of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. The FAA announced that the Mexican government does not comply with international air safety standards, making it one of only eight countries in the world with category 2 status.

The Civil Aviation Law is a rule of public order and its purpose is to regulate the exploitation, use or exploitation of the airspace located over the national territory, with respect to the provision and development of civil and state air transport services.

A federal judge ordered a temporary halt to the redesign of the airspace of the Valley of Mexico, a task that is in charge of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation and Navigation Services in the Mexican Airspace (SENEAM). On April 23, a provisional suspension was granted to an inhabitant of the State of Mexico who said that this...

Canadian airline Westjet extended the suspension of international flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until June 4, 2021. The decision was made in the expectation that authorities will change travel restrictions as the covid-19 vaccination progresses, said Ed Sims, president, and CEO of WestJet.

Interjet will enter into insolvency proceedings before the end of April and days later "it is certain" that it will also request a financial restructuring process in the United States, under Chapter 11 of that country's Bankruptcy Law, explained Carlos del Valle del Río, the company's new spokesperson.