Argentina rose three positions in the ranking of Meetings Tourism, with which it entered the world Top 20, moving from position 21 to 18, and ratified its leadership in the continent, according to a recent measurement of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions. (ICCA), reported yesterday the Ministry of Tourism.

Argentina is going through an economic crisis marked by an inflation rate that is among the highest in the world and that the swings in the policies of the central bank can not contain. Above 50% per year and fueled by a strong depreciation of the domestic peso in the last year, inflation hit economic activity and boosted poverty.

The collection agency of Argentina (AFIP) claims to Uber a debt over 358 million pesos, about 8 million dollars. Among the unpaid taxes are 147.4 million pesos of VAT and profits and 211 million pesos of social security taxes corresponding to the fiscal periods of 2016 and 2017.

Second consecutive day of "infarction in Argentina", with increasing pressure for the president to resign to stand for re-election in October.