Argentina in 2020: Stories to read

The development of different software in the world allowed companies from different sectors to unite to offer more proposals to users. Within this framework, Telecom and Nokia announced their alliance to offer new corporate IoT services through the Nokia WING solution.

Mercado Libre announced an investment of $421 million dollars, 46% more than the previous year, in the platform in Mexico with the aim of scaling the performance of e-commerce, financial services and strengthen the logistics operation in the country, said David Geisen, director general of Mercado Libre Mexico.

Wine Star Awards, the most influential contest in the wine industry announced that Trapiche is the Best Winery in the New World for its 2019 edition. The award is organized by Wine Enthusiast magazine -the U.S. publication on wines with great international recognition.

The US and China signed their phase one trade agreement. Wall Street did not sell on the news, but went up again and reached a new record. The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, on the other hand, went down against the golden moment of the markets. The Central Bank added reserves again.

Summer comes inexorably and with it the holidays. In this context, there is a destination that has been consolidating in recent years and could become the 'top of the season'. This is Ushuaia, where more than 130,000 tourists will arrive on cruise ships alone.