During the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Agribusiness Working Group of the Mexico-Canada Alliance (ACBG), members of both countries agreed to contribute to the agrifood development of their inhabitants.

Mexico updated the guidelines for the organic operation of agricultural activities created in 2013 to regulate production and facilitate exports of organic products to international markets.

Farmers celebrate World Milk Day with a series of conferences offered via the Internet. Milk consumption is 15,288 million liters, while production is 12,437 million liters. There are 250 thousand units of milk production from specialized and dual-purpose cattle; 96% have less than 100 heads, so the dairy is dominated by micro, small and medium...

Honey is Mexico's liquid gold, as the country is one of the world's leading producers of all kinds of honey. Most of this succulent substance is produced in the Yucatan Peninsula by the Mayan bees for the international markets.

Corn is so commonplace in Mexico that we rarely consider how extraordinary this species is. It's amazing in so many ways that it would be a challenge to find another plant with so much goodness.